Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape



Seascape is an ocean front 5 bedroom property on the island of Nusa Lembongan.

The design approach comes from the clients request to have a “Mediterranean feel” to the villa which we have developed by using for the most part clean soft white volumes and concrete and pebbled floors. We had to work within a tight foot print due to building restrictions which resulted in a compact 2-storey building which includes most of the bedrooms and communal spaces while we have placed the guest room above the service building which has been sunken slightly below ground level to reduce its impact against the main building.

The pool area takes advantage of the length of the land and connects the building with the beach. The elongated feeling of the pool within the land has been balanced by introducing a circular deck all around it. The combination of round and square shapes continues across the whole project whether it’s in the pond design or in wall openings.

Materials used have an organic feel and are accentuated by the extensive use of bamboo screens to balance the very contemporary lines of the building.