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Word of mouth house


Word of Mouth House

Experimenting with Life

Our works are significantly influenced by our interest in the sky,geometry, evolution, revolution, chili, philosophy, food, plants, sex, humor, history and eggs.

What we present to the world comes from our explorations and study of space, form, taste, texture, light and alcohol.

We remain dedicated and actively involved in contributing good things to society and we believe in sustainability… of the soul!

Valentina Audrito & Abhishake Kumbhat
Founders of Word Of Mouth House


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Why We Do What We Do

Creativity, love and evolution are the seeds we plant from which our works, our relationships and our communities bloom.
We maintain these priorities throughout the process when realizing our vision at every scale, from objects to experiences to structures and environments.
At Word of Mouth House our attention is focused on improving people’s wellbeing in their everyday lives, aiming to raise awareness towards a greater balance between man and woman, darkness and light, mind and soul.
Our intuition gives us the confidence to push boundaries, to take risks, and to stand for all that we believe in.
From looking at the big picture to examining the devil in the detail, our approach on every subject is one that we strive to keep broad and conscious.
We do what we do because this is what we love!

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Architecture, Interiors & Landscape Design

The Word of Mouth House Approach:
the client, the context, the climate.
These are the criteria that are prioritised and carefully considered in every project that we undertake.
We act as the creative catalyst connecting these three ‘dots’ as our aim is to meet the expectations of the client’s spatial and functional requirements, contribute to its surrounding environment, and be adaptive to the natural elements.
What we bring to the table is a combination of professional & academic support, fantasy and a systematic
process with vision and flow
We custom design many items for our projects as well as sourcing the most suitable pieces available on the market.

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Bespoke Furniture Design & Art Commissions

Our designs in furniture and our creations in art are highly personalized pieces that emerge from the context
they refer to as a gesture of love, as a mean to communicate specific ideas or as a moment of personal introspection
and development.
We offer our services in design and creation to anyone who is looking to collaborate with us or commission us
for a bespoke piece of furniture, an art installation, or a performance.
Our clients have included both private individuals as well as commercial enterprises.

The Word of Mouth way

How We Do It

Word of Mouth House practices design with an holistic and comprehensive approach. A thorough analysis of the brief and the specific requirements is undertaken from the beginning of a project till its realization.

As a comprehensive design practice we like to break the boundaries. We break the boundaries between disciplines and collaborate with the world’s best know-how where necessary.
On every project, we provide contracts and guidance related to intellectual property rights, timelines and deliverables. We thrive when there is open communication with our client as the project always benefits from it.

At Word of Mouth House our aim is to bring our client’s vision to life with the hope that everyone involved in the process has the opportunity to evolve and be impacted positively.

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How We Charge

  • Projects and creative retainer engagements are our main service offering.
  • For an intimate design consultation, we charge with a standard day rate.
  • Speaking engagement fees vary based on location and availability.
  • Site visits, workshops and consultations are based on day rate and travel cost.

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