Landscape Design

In our approach to landscape design we tend to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural elements, water bodies and green filters occupy a very important part in our projects whether we work in tropical remote locations or in an urban environment as we believe in the importance of Biophilia. Our work extends from the design of pathways, outdoor passages, planters, roof gardens, ponds & pools as well as to the design of terrains contour levels, retaining walls, fences & gates up to the selection and implementation of plants. Whenever possible we also use green and water elements as passive cooling systems for the buildings.

Custom made installations just for you

Our designs in furniture and our creations in art are highly personalized pieces that emerge from the context they refer to as a gesture of love, as a mean to communicate specific ideas or as a moment of personal introspection and development. We offer our services to anyone who is looking to collaborate with us for a bespoke piece of furniture, an art installation, or a performance. Our clients have included both private individuals as well as commercial enterprises. We look forward to getting to know you and creating some art just for you!