“The use of recycled material is emblematic of Audrito’s concern for the environment.”

the New York Times

“Word Of Mouth’s space is in constant movement, morphing from one perception into another.”

Asia Dreams

“Valentina Audrito, the founder and creator of Bali based Word Of Mouth, is what you would call a hell raiser, she rose from the ground, like a phoenix, flying up high and achieving great level of architecture and designing breakthroughs.”

property luxuria

“Such surprises were few and far between in the main halls at the salone, but originally reigned at its Satellite annex for young designers. Although many pieces relied on computer-generated modular designs or looked like uncomfortable origami, there were charming exceptions. Word O f Mouth House created I Like Grass, a carpeting system made of green-painted rattan pieces placed in an aluminium frame, all cushioned by recycled sponge.”

LA Times

“A modernist wonderland of pop-up books, Chairman Mao, money banks, furniture and striking limited-edition fashion.”

Vogue Australia / vogue uk

“Color, humour and total fusion between exteriors and interiors are the main ingredients of this house in Bali, Indonesia, where a big part of the furnishings are the creation of the designer couple that inhabits it.”

Bravacasa Italia