Our Values

Creativity, evolution, sustainability and connection are the seeds we plant from which our works, our relationships and our communities bloom. We maintain these priorities throughout the process when realizing our vision at every scale, from objects to experiences, from structures to environments. Our attention is focused on improving people’s wellbeing in their everyday lives and our intuition gives us the confidence to push boundaries and to take risks to be able to achieve the results desired.
From looking at the big picture to examining the devil in the detail, our approach on every subject is one that we strive to keep broad and conscious.

"What we present to the world comes from our explorations and study of space, form, color, taste, texture and light."


valentina audrito

Half Italian and half Greek, Valentina earned a degree in architecture from the Polytechnic of Turin in Italy, the city where she was also born. As a globe-trotting curious cat, she has lived in various countries, retaining significant learnings from each of them that help create her vision, aesthetic and overall process in the creative fields and in life itself. She is the founder, creative director and principal architect of Word Of Mouth House, an architecture, design and arts practice that started in Bali in 2004 and is currently based in Singapore. Valentina is also associated with Studio 65, a well-established architecture and design practice based in Italy and Saudi Arabia, founded by her parents, Franco & Athena Audrito with whom she collaborates regularly. Through both these practices, Valentina has been actively involved in award-winning projects from private residences and retail spaces to boutique hotels, resorts and schools.

Having been invited to speak at architecture and design conferences around the world, her projects have also won her major international awards and recognition in the industry. Valentina’s broad range of works have been featured in multiple publications ranging from leading design and architecture magazines to books geared towards university-level students of design. She was also chosen as one of the women to be photographed by Italian photographer, Bruna Rotunno, and featured in a book called, ‘Women In Bali’. Valentina moves and works between her home bases in London, Turin, Singapore and Bali, while raising her two children, Leon and Chili.

the team

Word Of Mouth House team includes architects, graphic designers, project managers and makers of all sorts with whom we built a collaboration throughout the years and who come together according to the type of project and location we are involved in.

Our Services

We practice design with a holistic and comprehensive approach. A thorough analysis of the brief and the specific requirements of our client is undertaken from the beginning of a project till its realization.
As a comprehensive design practice we like to break the boundaries between disciplines and collaborate with the world's best know-how where necessary. We thrive when there is open communication with our client as the project always benefits from it.

"Our aim is to bring our client’s vision to life with the hope that everyone involved in the process has the opportunity to evolve and be impacted positively."

Architecture & interiors

The context, the client and climate are the criteria that are prioritized and carefully considered in every project that we undertake. We act as the creative catalyst connecting these three ‘dots’ as our aim is to meet the expectations of the client’s spatial and functional requirements, contribute to its surrounding environment, and be adaptive to the natural elements. What we bring to the table is a combination of professional support, fantasy and a systematic process with vision and flow.

Our design phase is typically subdivided in 3 parts:
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation

Timelines can vary according to the specific characteristics of each project. Additionally we provide services for furniture production, quality control and site implementation when referred to interior contracts.

Landscape design

In our approach to landscape design we tend to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Natural elements, water bodies and green filters occupy a very important part in our projects whether we work in tropical remote locations or in an urban environment as we believe in the importance of Biophilia. Our work extends from the design of pathways, outdoor passages, planters, roof gardens, ponds & pools as well as to the design of terrains contour levels, retaining walls, fences & gates up to the selection and implementation of plants. Whenever possible we also use green and water elements as passive cooling systems for the buildings.

Our design phase is typically subdivided in 3 parts:
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation

Timelines can vary according to the specific characteristics of each project.

art installations

Our designs in furniture and our creations in art are highly personalized pieces that emerge from the context they refer to as a gesture of love, as a mean to communicate specific ideas or as a moment of personal introspection and development. We offer our services to anyone who is looking to collaborate with us for a bespoke piece of furniture, an art installation or a performance.
Our clients have included both private individuals as well as commercial enterprises. We look forward to getting to know you and creating some art just for you!

Project management

We can lead an entire architectural project, from budget to implementation. We visit construction sites to provide recommendations and perform site inspections. We are also responsible in procuring construction bids, recruiting and selecting contractors and mediating construction contracts.

speaking engagement

Valentina is available for speaking engagements locally and abroad.
To request a lecture, contact us at info@womhouse.com

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